My Crazy Life; an understandment …..for sure….

My crazy life is the only way I can describe the last four years!

I have learned a lot and all through Humiliation and loss.  Yes, its true babes! I’ve heard of it happening like that but wrote it off as B.S. that sound s philosophical and smart!  I was the   smart yes the smart ass and feeling  more stupid than ever. Over it enough to tell you all about it briefly, so lets hear my story.
The reason I named my blog Balanced Exchanges. It is for a deeper meaning and purpose ,for which ,I will get to another day. For now ,please look around read some great stories, some lame Postings (maybe mine), Lists, How-to’s, Poems and Comics, etc., that I have added for you all. And please comment I love to hear your thoughts ,as well.
We all need time. This is our place to do that time, a few stolen minutes a day or  a few words or stories to stop, think, create and communicate because I know you all are there, on the other side of my screen.
Between two of those words, Balanced and  Exchanges,  I grew leaps and bounds, full of tears AND turmoil, of course too,  health and heart break. I now am experiencing type of rebirth,correction, of “my families rebirths” and “my -own-life paths”, I hope you are saying to yourself-

(“yes, Tammy,  I get it and you are not crazy”but girl,” you do sound crazy.”)

After being a career mom, woman ,business partner and owner, I was told, NO, you are feeling sick and can’t walk well or put two thoughts together intelligently because you have SLE/CNS Lupus, Tammy and yes your 43, a RN,a wife, a mom a biz owner tough… but too bad!!!

Mrs. Lupus says,” wait let me take my toll on you,Tammy and drop it now,, drop life Tammy as I said and now and maybe, just maybe, in several years, I’ll give you back a part of your life,..maybe no promises, and not even 50% returned to you” Then I learned about two words, Balance and Exchange. now you can follow my short story, not completed now but partially, below….

So the next time you experience what is only your own “devastation”, in “your life,”done forcefully and made to “open your eyes”, “striped of everything’ but “the clothes on your back” and that walk down a “dark path.” just remember, at the end of that road is an advancement, to a better and I mean BETTER ,BEST tomorrow!!  And there, you will have many opportunities awaiting for you, in your life, no one else’s.

I promise because I have experienced it myself, with my family. And it almost killed me but slowly and painfully I’ve crawled back.

And I am still pinching myself to see if I am me and are we still in Kansas Toto?

Yes, we are but it Rockaway and its Faye, not Toto .  ( LOLOLOL)


P.S…Had I not experienced this change, this chance,opportunity, first hand, I would have never believed “Greatness” is born out of “Devastation”. Yes, I’ve heard about it and yeah, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah.

At some point in time, within this blog, I will explain the very story, the reason I am on this blog, in detail but until then…just savior the short version and know the worst comes but its then your best..I promise that.

May you stay Healthy and happy and fruitful, and Love All things.

Respectfully submitted for the good of everyone

Tammy H. aka chatynurse on Balanced Exchanges Blog

I can be reached at












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