So here’s a mouthful at 530am ,Ground hog day ….. and other stuff too..just a small sample of my day so far..and please, feel free to share your happenings, as well!

I missed the furry “fattened up” critter this year . I have gotten wise in my age because it’s a 50/50 chance. Right?? 

Anyone want to explain it to me I’ll be happy to read it but it’s spring in eight weeks or winter for eight weeks ..?? Go figure! 

Well the new puppy , second German Sheppard pup, is of course adorable however I am not so happy at the moment because I’ve been awake since 230am! Yes , little “Zoey” is full of life at 4 months old and decided to start laps around the house at 230am . I did the responsible action , as the adult , and let her out to relieve herself. Oh boy was I proud of me ! Well.. I came back upstairs and tried to at least lay down and watch some news.i kept smelling that goul odor but saw nothing !! Okay , I’m thinking , it’s me now I permanently smell ,as the Greeks say, Ta-Ta! 

Well you bet I smelled Ta-Ta, all over my new area rug that was covered up , however, laps from two dogs (yes I have a 29 month old rescue German Sheppard/blood hound -a small pony) at 230am and being a small pony that protected area rug was exposed and sh*t all over ….yes no Ta-Ta..let’s call it as I see and smell wee hours in this morning ! Well after I calmed down ,started the coffee pot and over watched as it over flowed on the floor because I forgot to empty the pot from the last batch made! 

If this is indication of my day, I think I’ll finish my post and return to bed ! 

Yes, but first I must go turn off hubbies alarm because he is oblivious to any of this middle of the night awakenings and events , never mind his alarm clock now!  He sleeps through it all ..every single morning !! He was Never like that 28 years ago ? Huh., life is funny , it takes a toll on all of us I suppose? 

And I have noticed that we have definitely changed routines! I never woke up without a sour puss face , before 10 am ! I was half asleep from 7am until 10am half my life and now I beg to sleep at least 5 hours a night ! 

I bet I’m not the only one folks, right? I know I say , Tammy your not that special !! Kids grown and now you have yourself back so be happy you don’t sleep the days away ! Early riser is much better, I think ! 

With all of that now vented and shared with you all , I do feel better and must shut off that terrible iPhone alarm now ..ugh before it wakes someone up !LOL LOL !!😁😁

I’ll be back ,with,hopefully …,a better post or tale tomorrow ! 


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