GREAT NEWS and I should post in the category Health but not today…

Yes I havecategories but very frustrated with this template, all of them lately.
Any GUESS EVERYONE ,YES I AM IN REMISSION FROM MY SLE / CNS Lupus!!! 10-11 years and Bo more meds! I can’t believe how great I feel.
Not only did terrific life get all messed at 42 I nearly lost everything except my home ,my marriage ,my children ,thank god ,! However lost two business,financially gone and now at 52 starting over. Im an RN but nit hospital level so I had options but a secret, its scary ! I need to work because I was meant to being in money not clean house,lol.
Im sure some relate because autoimmune is huge !! I have (had)5 people on my parents side moms 4 diagnosed with lupus and 1 on my dads side,his mom


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