Happy Sunday …the story continues..my journey back 

Not crazy but no real physical explanation….please read entire post.

As many readers know, im now labeled a survivor .whether permanent or temporary, OT is a wonderful feeling to have my life back from the physical basics of no joint pain or severe fatigue to my friends telling me how wonderful i look and the smile that they see ,beaming, across my face! There is a higher spirit and it zapped me in the mist unusual and satisfying way! 

I lost my rock , my mom four months ago, unexpectedly to a swift, quick death; a blood clot to her lung. Not a warning sign , no pain, no complaining, and -i know bad grammar IDk g double negatives but it fits here  -no nothing!!!! 

She was on phone texting, talking,  cleaning and then she was gone. It was …just I he that ! I was very upset because we had a sisterly bond and we shared everything! We also believe in the otherwise and frequently talked about it. 

After her passing, my daughter had dreams abd my sons even my husband was dreaming about my mom but not me. I wondered why a relationship such as ours had not carried over to include me in dreaming or a sign of some sort? 

What has i done, I asked myself , again snd again . I was even crying for days wondering white was she  and why hasn’t she made some sort of connection with me? 

Well am I polish ! No offense but she say, “Tammy , your polish ID showing , honey ‘”  I used get so mad ! ID say, “your my mom, why would you say that to me?” She said, “because it is. ” Then she’s laugh and we would move on. 

Long story short , remember im in remission after 10-12 long grueling lupus years,almost dying in 2008-2010.

My god its right in front of me, I know she had a hand in this god sent remission because its as if I never had an incurable illness at all. Im one hundred per cent symptom free!! I feel like I used to 15 years ago but more toted of course. I need to build my muscles up abd stamina in everyday life and the medications took its toll.

But i truly believe there is some truth to my story and I know there are sceptics who will say im nuts , the meds ruined her brain or she’s in grievers denial.

I talk you thus is the sign i was waiting for “”Remission ” and I didn’t even know it!

So no im not crazy Orvis denial but in deep gratitude for my state of bring now. I have Mt changed my life style that drastically to take the credit myself . So for now lets say we all have experienced a ……miracle, 

I will continue  abd keep updates if any changes.

Tgabj you again for visiting and comment If you would like because um interested in your thoughts too!



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