Horse Riding Horse — rabirius

Horses are so interesting to me. They are large,strong,independent looking yet my understanding of them is that they are also social animals needing or wanting human interaction. I dont knoiw how i feel about the place of horse, other than in the corral grazing on fresh grown grass and just being but i have seen some amazing horses. 

In Pennsylvania ,for example, the Meninties and the Amish have the most muscular work horses Ive ever witnessed! I once saw a horse with the farming or tiling equipment connected to horses body. The horse was being led by an amish farme through a field of  fertil ,dark brown dirt, which they were tiling.  I could see with the naked each and every muscle in the horses body, as he slowly pulled the tiller along. It was something to see, for sure!  Each area of the body buldged with a large muscle from head to toe. Even  the horses’ hair looked so  shinny . What a beautiful and amazing sight to see. I will never foorget as long as i live. that tiller as if it was a feather weigh.